Website for business ecommerce solution created via WordPress.

b> Successful story Mercana is a Ukrainian startup.

Our Web studio supports small businesses and any domestic manufacturers. Therefore, for this client, in view of his limited budget, we use the wordpress system and the woocommerce e-commerce plugin.

Success Story

Mercana online store selling jewelry and accessories. The owner of the store approached us with the idea to create a quality online store for the sale of its products, based on the technical task, as well as the capabilities of the customer, it was decided to use the service based on CMS WordPress.
Since our product group was items of women's jewelry and clothing, the issue of quality, attractive design of the seller was very acute.

Our designers within one week, created a design layout that meets all customer requirements.
The main goal for us in developing the design was its selling component as well as user-friendliness. We also performed technical optimization to start work to promote the site in the search engine.
Additionally, the customer's product database was downloaded, and all content was downloaded to fill all pages of the site.

Conclusions for the Client.

A sales site was created to implement the Client's business objectives. The whole project was created within 10 days from the moment of concluding the contract.
Connected code version control via Git.
The site was launched online, as well as a system for archiving and restoring site data.

Tools and technologies.

  • PhP
  • Git (svn)
  • Sass/Scss
  • JS native
  • ACF pro
  • UI/UX design, by photoshop
  • Google Insights

Additional chips and buns ...

An additional free option for the Client was to connect Google Analytics as well as set goals. Auditing of advertising companies was carried out, changes were made, which further allowed to sell more than the client could expect.

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