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Landing / fast solution for MVP business startup models.
MVP model it is a modern version of a product that can sell goods and services. A budget version of this solution can be performed on a CMS, but our task is to gain leadership in your niche. To do this, we created our product to solve this problem.
E-commerce / e-commerce solutions
An online store for business works on any ecommerce platform: Shopify, WooCommerce, OpenCart, Magento or custom solutions on a framework (Laravel PhP7) for more serious tasks.
Info website / blogs, catalogs, news sites
These sites in 90% of cases, use ready-made solutions based on management systems (cms), the main highlight, in contrast, is the design and convenience for site administration.
Corporate site / BrandBook
This type of site is made in accordance with the rules of corporate style, the company's brand book. Typically, the company has ready-made rules for design, font or color and additional information that is urgently needed to build a corporate website according to the corporate rules of the customer.
Highly loaded projects / Web Apps, Web Services
MartkePlace, web services and portals, REST-Api. To solve complex problems, we use the proven MVC architecture based on the Laravel Framework, PhP7. Development of the project on the modern engine provides, safety, speed in work of the code, flexibility in creation of the necessary designs. All this and more allows you to create a powerful tool for online businesses.
Individual solution / DevOps
If you have not found the right solution and want to be unique in your niche, we are ready to help you create an exclusive project for any business. Here you buy our experience and technology, not just a website.
SEO Promotion
It includes a set of measures: a technical audit of the site, analysis of traffic and analytics of resource visits, analysis of sales, determining the cost and actual costs of obtaining leads, analyzing competitors, creating a portrait of an ideal client. Site measurement map, fixing errors and problem areas, UI availability, using third-party metrics for data collection and further analysis.
Optimization / Code review, analytics, bug fixing, minification code
The presence of processed data during the audit serves as a map for generating a list of erors to repair. When the necessary changes are made, the project is re-audited, if everything is fixed, the site can be optimized. Making additional changes after optimization is prohibited.
Promotion / organic, ads, links etc.
The golden rule of not completing the project optimization, do not start spending budget for advertising your website. A common mistake of most inexperienced business owners is not understanding the standards and rules, the system for evaluating the site according to the search engine criteria. If your project does not meet the necessary criteria, your cost of website promotion can be unpredictable.
Project strategy
All processes are based on the Idea. Any idea can be implemented effectively. We define the options for the implementation of your business processes to the Internet, studying the market demand and the demand for your idea.
Digital vision of your Idea. Running ideas available only after determining the necessary infrastructure for its work on the network. It is necessary to correctly build the necessary eco-system so that the product corresponds to the vector of its development plan relative to the market.
IT infrastructure
We shape the consumer's mindset, prescribe a digitalization strategy for processes, test the strategy in real time, test the idea on mechanics, creating your first product as an MVP model.
Pricing, how much development services cost

How do you know how much a good website will cost? The main thing is to define the stack of the required technologies. The price of development depends on the technologies used when working on projects, which includes: programming languages, frameworks, database management systems, compilers, etc.

# Услуга Технологии Цена
1 Stack # 1 Web Technologies html5/css3/php5 from $45 per hour
2 Stack # 2 Web Technologies html5/Sass&Scsscss3/php5,7 from $75 per hour
3 UI / UX design psd/sketch/ai from $25 per hour
4 JavaScript JS/Jquery/TypeScript/LESS/SASS/PostCSS from $40 per hour
5 Back-end development PHP 7, MySQL. Symfony, Laravel, Zend Framework, Yii, Kohana. from $90 per hour
6 Batch managers Gulp, Webpack, Babel. from $30 per hour
7 Front-end development React, Vue, Angular.. from $50 per hour
8 Version control system and task managers Git, Mercurial, Jenkins, Gitlab, Sys Admin from $10 per hour
9 System administration DNS, Host, Sys Admin from $20 per hour
10 Connection to CRM, creation and maintenance of an advertising company CRM + ADS + SEO from $1500 per month
11 Initial consultation Free
# Products
1 Landing Small Stack # 1 Web Technologies + Back-end Development from $550 per month
2 Landing Full Stack # 2 Web Technologies + JavaScript + Package Managers + Back-end Development + CRM + ADS + SEO from $1500 per month
3 E-commerce Small PHP 7, MySQL. Symfony, Laravel, Zend Framework, Yii, Kohana. from $2000 per month
4 E-commerce Custom UI/UX design + Back-end development + PHP 7, MySQL. MVC Framework. + CRM + ADS + SEO from $3000 per month
5 Simple website Installation and configuration of a basic CMS system, for example WordPress + working template + minimal content content is provided by the customer + hosting (free 3 months) + domain for 1 year. from $110 per project
Additional services / NDA

Our team can work remotely, very often world-renowned companies contact us, we go to a meeting in the direction of information confidentiality.

Non-disclosure agreement (NDA)
from $1,500 for 1 project, if the development period is no more than 22 working days.
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