Great Web application created by cms WordPress.

Success story

The site is a business directory, created on the basis of CMS WordPress, this project uses WordPress to control the administrative panel of the site, and all the main functionality created on the basis of custom data types managed by ACF pro.
The client's task was to make an analogue of MVC architecture as close as possible.
Important points: features of this project are multilingualism and support of Hebrew rtl / ltr.

Your rest-api for working with applications for Android & iOS apps in real time. Applications for working with this service, you can download on the AppStore & GooglePlay.
Individual office for business owners, simplified office for site users. Individual billing and payment system and tariff plans for the use of the project.
You are charged for placing your business in the MyCiryCard directory. This project analogue is very similar to the analogue of the project slando, before its acquisition olx.
For more than 3 years, this project has been serviced by Ukrainian developers, constant improvements and changes in the closed part, which is not available to ordinary users. The base of all major cities of Israel is loaded.

Conclusions for the Client.

Highly loaded project. This project can be safely classified as a portal. MyCityCard is a "business portal" that has successfully occupied its niche in the Israeli segment of business services and is successfully used at the local (local) level, connecting potential customers on one platform.

The portal implements mechanisms for monetizing the site, each section can be designed in an individual design, for which an additional fee is charged for customizing the page.

Tools and technologies.

  • PhP(MVC)
  • RTL/LRT, support eng/hebrew
  • BitBucket (svn)
  • Jquery native
  • ACF pro
  • Rest-Api
  • SDK for IOS & Android
  • Merchant & Billing

Additional chips and buns ...

Ability to write private messages to users.
Own billing, payment for internal messages.
Its own server, with a full-fledged REST-API for working with applications.

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