An example of a good landing page for commercial use.

Successful history DARI CO - Ukrainian production of clothing for women.

Dariko is now an online store with a large number of capture pages (landing) . These pages direct traffic to the central site. Next, we will consider an example of a successful landing page implementation in the current online store.

We have inherited an incomplete site based on the ocStore CMS. A large number of errors and shortcomings left by previous performers. A broken site with a broken url system and many duplicate links, which is critical for SEO.

Due to a number of problems, the customer's online store was not in demand. The client's sales statistics showed that requests from the network, made through the store, accounted for no more than 7% of the total number of all sales for the month.

Success Story.

Some statistics: The total sales of this project on the Internet did not exceed 150 positions per month. 80% of the traffic came from social networks, there was virtually no traffic from the search engine.
Step 1)
Improve the store interface for mobile devices.
Step 2)
Create a one-page website (landing page).
Step 3)
Test landing page on paid advertising, get good results.

In the first week of the capture pages, many times more goods were sold. The average check is higher, and the purchased items were different from sales through social networks.

Step 1

The biggest reason for the lack of sales is poor UI design. The lack of responsiveness to mobile devices was bad for mobile shoppers. The lead simply did not reach the basket.

It was the lack of the right solution for mobile devices that created the difference in sales between social networks and the website.

Step 2

Analysis of the client's niche, and the study of traffic showed that the demand for the client's product group is rapidly growing, and in order not to miss the seasonality, we made a design of a one-page site to capture traffic.

Step 3

The new correct concept of a one-page online store , in the form of a capture page SEASONS has established itself excellent after purchasing paid traffic from Google Ads. It should be noted that the advertising campaign in Google Ads was created by us specifically for the client's new landing page.
As a result, the store started selling on the first day after the launch of the advertisement.

Conclusions for the Client.

1. increase in the duration of clients' stay on the site,
2. decrease in bounce rate,
3. increase in average check by 75%,
4. 48% increase in total sales,
5. increasing brand awareness,
6. created an effective tool for selling any swimwear all year round,
7. created an effective advertising campaign in Google Ads, surpassed the number of sales on Instagram at peak times,
8. developed a conversion tracking system to study sales and collect sales statistics,
9. fixed critical errors between the CRM site and 1C.

With the correct use of any traffic channel, you can get an excellent result if the entire chain "from getting a lead to placing a deal" is built correctly.

As a result of our success, the client ordered 2 more additional sites for other product groups for seasonal sales.

Tools and technologies.

  • PhP
  • Sass/Scss
  • UI/UX design, by photoshop
  • Google Insights
  • Google ADS
  • 1С & CRM

Technical (server) work it was necessary to correct the client's data synchronization settings between 1C, the site database and CRM. With a banal update of goods from 1C, the client's entire site system broke down. As a result, the errors were eliminated, the work system was optimized.

Increase in sales was also achieved through an audit of the work of the client's managers (a decrease in the refusal rate after the lead gets into the crm system).

Conclusions : The distribution of traffic between store pages has led to a 4-fold increase in sales throughout the season, as well as record sales on Black Friday over the entire history of the brand.

Additional chips and goodies ...

Based on the results (google ads) and the work done for the client, we prepared all the necessary information, technical part and the client's staff to bring the client site to the TOP of organic search results in Google.
The effectiveness of Google Ads (PPC advertising) made it possible to promote the site correctly in terms of SEO promotion.

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